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TrackInsight ensures you always have the full picture, bringing you independent up-to-date analysis, reliable and transparent information on over 850 of the most significant European ETFs. Clear and intuitive, the dashboard has been designed to enable you to easily search, compare and select ETFs. TrackInsight gives you the tools to make informed investment decisions.
It’s time to change the way you select ETFs
ETF A 0,5% 1,0% -0,1%
ETF B 0,5% 0,3% -1,2%
Is the Expense Ratio essential to you?
Selecting ETFs according to their Expense Ratio levels, seriously? Both funds shown above have exactly the same Expense Ratio, though ETF A tracks the index better than ETF B.
Are you convinced by an exceptional Tracking Error?
An ETF with the lowest Tracking Error must better replicate the index than its peers, right? Well, not necessarily. ETF B has a significantly lower Tracking Error than ETF A though comes out more costly over time.
There's a better way
The purpose of an ETF is to provide a robust and cost-efficient exposure to a given benchmark index. In this sense, the choice of one investment vehicle over another should be made according to relative performance criteria, instead of absolute returns. The quality of an ETF should therefore be analysed using a combination of indicators reflecting both short-term and long-term tracking quality.
The behaviour of the fund under unusual circumstances and how it evolves over time is however a further essential insight. In order to perform a selection on the basis of what really matters to each specific usage, the analysis cannot be based on a single performance measure and full access to each quality indicator is required, as all investors are not equal due to their various specific investment needs.

TrackInsight features

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Verified, quality data
State of the art metrics
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The easiest way to find and compare ETFs in your preferred universe

Enjoy our smart search bar to find and quickly compare ETFs that match your investment goals, and make informed decisions based on trusted data. We monitor over 700 ETFs, covering over 95% of all European ETF’s institutional assets.
A widely adopted and comprehensive solution
Insight on over 700 European funds* with one year track and €50 million in AUM, totalling over €400 billion.
*As of June 1st 2015
Already used by more than 1,600 registered investment professionals across Europe.
Trusted by investment professionals
Rating is about measurement, calibration, comparison. We fully support and adhere to TrackInsight's scientific approach, which gives the ETF world a real quality approach, so essential for the investor.
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Why did we create TrackInsight ?
We select ETFs for most of our institutional clients
Existing tools and metrics for comparing ETFs just weren't cutting it
We believe all investors have the right to transparent and unbiased information
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