November 21, 2019 Paris, FR

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Meet the movers and shakers of the industry

TrackInsight European Summit 2019

The TrackInsight European Summit is an independent, private event organised by FinTech TrackInsight to foster dialogue with clients, partners & friends and to sketch the future of investing in the digital age.

TES2019 is a unique gathering, which aims to capture trends, challenges, innovative ideas and disruptive thinking, while bringing together the movers & shakers of the industry to address the challenges all investment firms are facing in this new era.

A private event for senior investment professionals

250 delegates personally selected and invited for their strategic position within leading pan-European investment firms as main decision makers in the investment process supporting institutional, corporate and private clients globally.

Organised behind closed doors with a handful of founding partners, TES2019 brings together those who think and build the future, those who acknowledge that solutions of the past need a refit at the very least.

A unique moment of peace of mind and true dialogue

Structured around 10 key-note speeches by C-level executive industry leaders, recognised experts in their fields, the conference aims to provide the right balance of stand-up presentations, networking and less formal moments to ensure fruitful dialogue, open discussion and exchange.

Thematic workshops will be held to highlight the several challenges investors will face in the digital age.


The ETF Revolution

2018 saw the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the launch of SPY, the first ever ETF on the New-York Stock Exchange. It is now the oldest, largest and most liquid listed security in the world.

Now is a great moment to understand what is behind the incredible ETF revolution and how it is reshaping the entire investment ecosystem.

Leading industry experts will share their views on how the industry is evolving and reshaping the investment community.

Indexation, Factor Investing & Smart Beta

Passive and factor investing represent without any question the most fundamental shift the investment management industry has faced over the last three decades.

Beyond the smoke and mirrors, discover what is really driving this change, what risks and opportunities it brings and how investment firms can make the most of what is nothing less than a technological revolution.

Learn about the latest in index construction, factor analysis and smart beta methodologies from leading quantitative experts to weigh the benefits and risks associated with those techniques.

Quantitative Modern Investing

Modern investing is made up of a wide range of different beasts. Risk, Goal, Rule-based investing are taking the industry by storm, for better or worse.

It is time to take a step back and have an unbridled discussion on what value this really brings to the one party that matters most: the investor. What are the pitfalls and what does experience tell us about these investment strategies?

Understand how systematic strategies are about to allow mass customisation of the investment process in order to specifically deliver what end investors need.

New Frontiers in Digital Investing

At the junction of financial theory and technology, there is no way to escape the fascination for artificial intelligence, big data and the prospect of unlimited practically free computing power.

What boundaries are still to be overtaken by technology? How close are we to leaving machines to take the wheel and what fundamental mistakes do we need to make certain we avoid?

Observe practical applications of forthcoming technologies on the specific areas of portfolio construction, risk management and optimal portfolio construction.


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Keynote Speakers

Deborah Fuhr
Riccardo Rebonato
Jean-René Giraud
Fannie Wurtz
James Zhan

Workshop Speakers

Nicolas Fragneau
Angela De Wolff
Olivier Paquier
Antoine Lesne
Anaelle Ubaldino
Christopher Mellor
Julien Scatena
Gregg Guerin
Philippe Malaise
Olivier Souliac
Viktor Nessek

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