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  • Equity ETFs are on track to pull in $300 billion in 2017, after solid flows in November – but the flows have also fuelled continued regulator interest in the industry.

  • European investors have been selling out of gold ETFs, according to figures from the World Gold Council, with the price of the shiny metal falling back below the $1,300/oz mark during September.

  • Spanish stock ETFs have seen some small outflows following the controversial independence referendum in Catalonia, but the impact has been muted despite the shocking violence that ensued in the Spanish region and the number of headlines that have grabbed the news over the weekend.

  • ETF investors should look to developed or emerging small caps excluding the US as domestic smaller companies are not benefitting from foreign growth and dollar weakness like their larger counterparts.

  • In an ETF market worth close to $4 trillion, socially responsible ETFs, known as environmental, social, governance (ESG) funds, are still on the rise, but they all invest in different ways and produce very different returns.